SAP ERP solution integrates company's all business processes and at same time enabling quick adaptation of changing business needs. Employees make better decisions, thanks to real-time information. Business owners always know where the business stands on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Sales, production, and purchasing groups work seamlessly together to fulfill critical customer orders and adapt production levels to changes in market demand.

Enterprise Structure of the Demo Company

The demo company we use is structured into three main hierarchies with pre-configurations for: Common Enterprise Structures, Logistic Enterprise Structures and Intercompany Enterprise Structures. Each of these structures contains a number of business configuration sets which, in turn, contain the settings required to set up and run an enterprise structure within an SAP solution. Each configuration set contains parameters that can be overwritten, and either creates an organizational unit or assigns an organizational unit. The configuration sets can be reused to create further organizational units.

Documentation of the Demo Company

›› Enterprise Structure Overview (PowerPoint)
›› Configuration Guide (Word)
›› Master List (Excel)

Key Points

›› Preconfigured organizational settings
›› Country-generic framework (must be completed by local requirements via activation of country-specific building blocks, such as Financial Accounting)